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What do I do about moths?

I have a basket (well, many baskets) filled with yarn. One basket has about ten skeins of handspun and one skein of commercial yarn. The only one that the moths got to is the commercial yarn. Is there any reason for this? I'm disappointed, but not as much as I would be if it were my precious handspun!! Thanks for any thoughts.

It may only be that they came into the house on that skein. If there is a food source the moths don't go very far. But it means that you need to do some serious moth control now.
I believe firmly in strong sunshine and cleanliness. If you have sunshine this time of the year where you live, that is a very quick easy type of control. Lay all of your skeins outside in the sun. Vacuum well inside the baskets and around, the moth eggs look like sandy colored salt grains and the droppings look like ground pepper. If you see that in the bottom of any basket that is where you need extra attention.
You could also just re-soak all of your handspun in hot soapy water in the washer, NO Agitation of course. Leave them for a couple of hours. Then rinse and hang to dry.

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