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How do I crochet with my yarns?

I am a pretty good spinner but when I try to crochet with my yarns they split and generally look bad. What am I doing wrong? Someone said I am spinning the wrong way, but this is the way I was taught. Then the person next to her said she never had any problem with her yarns for crochet.

A: Twist is a physics thing, and it can be created many different ways. In relation to fibers and yarns it often has to do with winding or wrapping around something. Think about trying to wind up ribbon, do you wind it around the tube or roll it for the best results?
When I crochet there is a definite effect on the twist of my yarn. It may very well have to do with the way I hold my hook and catch the yarn and the fact that I am right handed. Each time I circle the hook I create a Z twist. That means I am removing a S twist, and the result is the yarn unplys if it was plied S.
If you want to see whether or not YOU are inserting or removing twist the way that YOU crochet then use a thin flat ribbon and work several stitches for a few rows. Try chains, single, double, and see what happens. If your ribbon begins to be twisted then look at the direction of the twist. This / is the direction of a Z twist and this \ is the direction of a S twist.
I tend to spin fine and softly and crochet with the hook facing me, and the yarn circles the hook in a clockwise direction for each loop. Consequently I create 1 Z twist in the ribbon each time I make a loop when I crochet. (four Z twists for an American double crochet).
For me then it is easier to spin the single S and lightly ply Z so then I get a tighter plied yarn as I crochet. If I know ahead of thime that the yarn will be used for cochet.
On the other hand if one spins a medium size wool, plies firmly and usually does only single crochet or chain stitch, you may not notice any thing happening.
Try the flat ribbon on any technique where you are wondering about whether you add or remove twist. Like on your ball winder, or your nostespinne or bobbin winder or knitting or embroidery. It is a very concrete way to find out if YOUR method is adding or substracting twist. I'd enjoy hearing your results.
PS Most (not all) yarn sold as "crochet" yarn has the last twist as a Z. I even saw a chinese crochet yarn where the label noted in English, "notice the Z twist". A friend was bringing it to her Aunt, since her Aunt couldn't find good American crochet yarns.

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